Multi-Use Path on New Highway 96 West

On September 13 at 5:30PM there will be a Public Hearing concerning the New Highway 96 West multi-use trail that will run from Vera Valley Rd across the street from Spencer Hall Subdivision to 5th Ave in Downtown Franklin. The project, which is being funded 80% by TDOT and 20% by the City of Franklin, was recently given a second federally-funded grant that was announced by Governor Haslam on Friday, July 21. Phase 1 of the path runs from Carlisle Lane to Vera Valley, ultimately connecting to Boyd Mill Avenue by Jim Warren Park, and Phase 2 will connect Body Mill Avenue to 5th Avenue in downtown.

New Highway 96 currently has very limited sidewalk connecting the residences and neighborhoods in the western parts of Wards 2 and 4 to the City center or even to Jim Warren Park, the largest park in the City of Franklin. Once the path is complete, it will be possible safely walk, run, bike, skateboard, or even rollerblade from say Five Points to Front Street in Westhaven which will only serve to make Franklin healthier, accessible and interconnected. As a mom, I am so excited to know that we can walk and bike as a family to Jim Warren, downtown for festivals, or even to the retail in Westhaven without the concern for our safety with the busy traffic that is SR96.

The public hearing will be taking comments and concerns particularly from those who will most benefit and use this multi-use trail. The more western Ward 4 residents that can be in attendance the better. I am encouraged that the State of Tennessee as well as the City is recognizing the needs of those of us in the western part of Franklin to have easier and safer pedestrian and bicyclist access to town and am very enthusiastically in support of this project. Ultimately, the City and State plan to connect the path to the new Mack Hatcher extension that was also given the green light by TDOT this year.


Public Notice Calendar information:
City of Franklin Public Hearing for SR96 Multi-Use Path
Wednesday, September 13, 2017
5:30 PM
Board Room inside City Hall

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