Life gets crazy but please take time to vote

The early voting polls are now open for the City of Franklin Alderman election and will be until October 19th. Election Day is fast approaching on Tuesday, October 24th. In 2013, the last time the Ward Alderman for Franklin were elected, only 2% of the electorate turned out to vote. For Ward 4, where there are almost 12,000 registered voters, only 269 voted in 2013.

At the end of each day, early voting numbers are sent to the candidates and as of Saturday, October 7, 103 voters in Ward 4 have gone to the polls. This is a good start but I hope that as many people as possible that live in the Franklin city limits will take the 2 minutes involved to go and express your choices for our city government.

Tip O’Neil, a former Speaker of the US House of Representatives, had a famous saying “All politics are local.” We tend to forget that the people who are making the laws that have the greatest effect on our day to day lives are not in Washington D.C. (unless you are a DC metro resident) but your local elected officials. The Board of Mayor and Alderman makes decisions that decide:

1. What roads will be built and repaired
2. What land is being developed and what neighborhoods are going in (which means the City does impact the schools)
3. Water and storm water infrastructure
4. Where sidewalks, streetlights, turn signals, stop signs, crosswalks, etc. are implemented
5. Staffs our police and fire departments
6. Zoning laws
7. How to spend your hard-earned tax dollars

And much, much more.

I totally get it. I know how busy our lives are. I have a toddler, I’m self-employed, I’m involved at church and I help care for aging family. Life is crazy with work, doctor appointments, play dates, preschool events, family obligations, church functions, social engagements…but I try to do my best and make time to vote because I want to make sure that my voice is heard in my local community. My local government impacts my life on a daily basis and I want to know that I have had a say in the people who are representing me. We become a better community when our government represents the needs and concerns of its citizens.

Are you concerned about the ever increasing traffic congestion and the lack of infrastructure planning?

Are you worried about the rate of growth and development?

Are you concerned about the risk of flooding and storm water/sewer issues because of the rate of development?

Do you believe the quality of life in Franklin is being negatively impacted by all the change?

Those are the main reasons I decided to run for Alderman, and if you share them, I would be honored to receive your vote for Alderman of Ward 4.


Where to Vote:

Early Voting: October 4-19
Williamson County Administrative Complex (where you get your car tags)
1320 West Main Street
8-4:30 Monday through Friday
8-noon Saturday

Election Day: Tuesday, October 24
Your assigned voting precinct
Find your Voting Precinct

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